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Conscious Consumers?

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

As we browse on our smartphones while sipping our coffee, sitting in the comfort of our own homes, do we ever ask ourselves how our phones and coffee were manufactured? Do we ever wonder who made them or how the components were sourced? Probably not. Many of us often seek out a bargain, rummaging online or in-stores to find the cheapest version of something we want but rarely think of who is losing out as a result of our gain… is it the farmer in Ethiopia who didn’t get a fair price for the coffee beans she produced, the child in The Congo who spends his days mining chobalt for our smartphones or the person who sits at a sewing machine for hours on end to produce the cheapest version of something we wear, without pay? We can all be complicit in Modern Day Slavery- read here to find out how to be more ethical.

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